Sometimes, due to a large array of reasons, duplicate accounts can be created for a customer. They may have used a different email address in each account.

Firstly, in the top menu of the sales interface, click on "merge users".

The following window will appear. In each box, find the customer record you want to merge,

The box on the left is the target account. This account will be updated to contain all information that was in the source account. The Target Account will the account that the user will use moving forward.

The box on the right is the source account. This account will have all its data copied to the target account and then deleted. 

Once you have selected two accounts, you will be provided with some information about both of them. 

You are provided with 3 options;

  • Swap will swap the user accounts between "target and source" in the Merge Users window. 
  • Never Merge will tag both accounts to never merge with each other. 
  • Merge will carry out the merge process of the two accounts, merging the data into the target account and deleting the source account.