1. Log in as an account with the “Hardware” role.

2. Click where it says "NO WORKSTATION" in the header bar

3. Click the link to "Download client software"

4. Install the client software

5. Click File / Add Connection

6. Right click on the new connection, and choose "Configure Connection"

 7. Set the web service to http://(yoursitename)/Service/Client.svc and click Connect. This will download the other connection settings.

8. Set your Workstation Id to something sensible.

9. Click OK.

10. Download and install Foxit PDF reader.

 11. Right click on the connection and choose "Configure Printing"

12. Make sure that PDF Reader EXE points to the Foxit reader

The $ProgramFilesx86 variable seems to be unreliable on 32 bit windows, so you might have to put the full path in. The PDF Argument format should be right. The PDF Printer name defaults to "DEFAULT", which will pick the system default printer, but you can send tickets to a different printer if you like. The BOCA printer name should be set if you have one. If you set the PDF Printer Name to "File", then the PDF files will be saved to the File Drop Path instead of printed, which can be handy for big batch jobs where you're going to deal with printing manually.

13. Back in the web UI, still on the page you got to by pressing "No Workstation", click "Refresh", and you should see your new workstation listed. Select it, and click "Update"

 14. Sell yourself an Immediate Print ticket and test it.